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Beard Transplant

Beards, which make a significant difference on people’s faces, are sometimes not at the desired level. Sometimes it is messy even though it has the desired density. As such, the appearance of the people is negatively affected by this situation.

In the beard transplantation process, the hairs taken from the dense parts of the beard of the people are transplanted to the areas with sparse hair. Since the hair follicles of the people are used during the procedure, the result seems quite natural.

Generally, hair roots located on the cheekbones are used. The hair follicles in that area already disturb people and look bad. For this reason, unnecessary hairs are collected and planted in sparse areas.

  • In men’s appearance, the beard is an element that makes a significant difference and makes men unhappy with its lack. Beard transplantation has become a hope for people who have a sparse or abnormal beard with the development of technology.
  • Aesthetically adding value to people; It may decrease over time due to genetic, hormonal, or external factors.
beard transplantation

With the beard transplantation application, the beards can still be desired and it is ensured that a very important difference is made on the face of the person who has the transplantation.
The need for beard transplantation is of course a person’s own preference. However, when it is said that there is no option other than beard transplantation; We will encounter the elimination of recovery by other medical methods.

  • Beard transplantation is needed if the beard is shed due to medicated or externally used cream and ointment for reasons that cannot be recovered.
  • Although it is a preferred situation, beard deficiency is an aesthetic problem for some of us and this method can be preferred to eliminate it.
  • The operation is based on the same infrastructure as hair transplantation and beyond being an advanced surgery, it is an application that is performed under local anesthesia and allows the person to return to their daily life immediately.
  • The operation can be easily performed in the hands of experienced specialist physicians.
  • No prosthesis or similar transplantation is made to the person, the person’s own hair follicles are used in the application.
  • No special recovery period is required to apply. The person can choose this method at any time.
  • Beard transplantation is a permanent operation. The transplanted roots have almost no risk of falling out.
  • There is no risk as long as the operation is carried out by experts.
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