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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplantation (unshaved hair transplant) is a hair transplant application, also known as the pen technique in folk language. There are certain points that distinguish DHI (unshaved hair transplant) technique from other hair transplant techniques. In all hair transplantation techniques, hair follicles (grafts) are collected from the nape of the two ears, which are designated as the donor area. The collected grafts are placed in the area where the planting is planned after micro channels are opened. In DHI hair transplantation (Unshaved Hair Transplantation), the collected grafts are placed with the implanter to be used and the needles containing the transplantation process without opening the channels and the direct transplantation phase is started.

When the operation is performed with the DHI hair transplant technique (Unshaved Hair Transplantation), after the collection of the grafts, the micro canals are not opened, but the waiting time outside of the grafts is minimized.

With DHI hair transplantation (Unshaved Hair Transplantation), the roots can be transplanted closer to each other during the application. As a result, the post-transplant appearance will be closer to naturalness. Special tools and equipment to be used during the application help to keep the traces at the minimum level in the application area.


Since hair loss can be directly transplanted to the areas needed, it is an advantage for individuals who are still ongoing. It is possible to open channels and transplant while the operations are continuing.


In addition to all these, Dhi hair transplantation (Unshaved Hair Transplantation) is a way that really requires experience and attention. For this reason, it may be a little more expensive than other hair transplant methods. But the naturalness and quality that will be obtained as a result will be worth this cost.

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