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Hair, Mustache & Scar Transplantation

hair transplant

Hair Transplant

FUE is one of the most known and frequently preferred techniques in hair transplantation. After all the hair of the patient is shortened to 3mm in length, the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Grafts that are loosened with a device called micro motor are collected with the help of forceps. The area to be transplanted is anesthetized and the channels where the roots will be placed are opened using blades. When collected, the grafts with some tissue pieces are separated from the tissue pieces and the remaining hair follicles are placed in the canals. At the last stage, the donor area is covered by dressing.

The root parts of the hair are transplanted as a piece of tissue called GRAFT. Another method for transplanting a living hair follicle is the FUT method. There is also a DHI (Direct Hair Implant) hair transplant technique.

Mustache Transplantation

Mustaches that make a significant difference in the appearance of men and make them extremely unhappy with their lack are very important. In time, or due to natural hair structures, the hair is not at a sufficient level.
With mustache transplantation methods, the mustaches are brought to the desired level and it is ensured that very important differences are created on the faces of the people.

Mustache issue in men is very important as it has been known for centuries and its deficiency is an extremely important problem. There are many effective methods that can be preferred for this problem.

If we talk about all the details that you are curious about and need to know about mustache transplantation:

  • Mustache transplantation is a method applied in permanent hair loss on the upper lip, known as the mustache area of people.
  • It is a method that can be preferred by men who are not satisfied with the shape of their mustache.

For those who wonder what is mustache transplantation, in short, if we talk about the details of the process. The procedure is a method that men over 24 years old can benefit from.

It is applied with FUE technique, which is highly preferred among hair transplantation procedures. The procedure applied under local anesthesia takes approximately 2-3 hours. Patients do not feel any pain during the procedure. One of the important points to be known about the procedure is that if there is no hair in the area after 4 months, the transplantation will be done again.

Mustaches, which make a significant difference in the appearance of men and make them extremely unhappy with their lack, are very important for an aesthetic appearance. There may be a deficiency in the amount of hair due to the conditions that develop over time or the problems that develop in the natural hair structures. With the mustache transplantation application, the mustaches can be brought to the desired level and very important differences are created on the faces of the people.

Why is mustache loss necessary? Or why is a mustache transplant needed? Before answering the question with items, it is necessary to specify a point; The necessity of mustache transplantation occurs when the loss of mustache or in any way the loss of these hair follicles is irreversible.

Scar Treatment

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) offers a long-term solution to hair loss for thousands of patients due to the nature of the procedure, while scarring remains in this usual method. Due to the delicate nature of hair loss and hair transplantation, many patients may feel self-conscious about the long, thin scar left by FUT procedures.

Although you can usually hide this extended hair, hair transplantation in Turkey wound scar removal can provide peace of mind and confidence for each patient. 

Scar removal in hair transplantation can be hidden using FUE. Other methods for scar removal of hair transplantation while in Turkey, our surgeon this additional cultivation, reducing visibility in the donor area and is able to heal after the wounds to heal density.

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